You are invited to celebrate Christmas Eve, AND to share with refugee children in our area! In Massachusetts, there are currently 165 unaccompanied refugee minors living in our midst. They are part of a Federal program with 25 offices nationwide. We will be working with them through Ascentria Care Lines in Waltham, MA. These youth, mostly teens, are housed in foster homes or group homes. While their basic needs are met, they seldom get “treats.” So, we invite you to share a treat: Please consider donating small ($5-$10) gift cards to places teens in Massachusetts like: (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Walmart, Kohls, Claire’s, dollar stores, etc.) If you wish to donate more, plea

Mission Trip?

Are you interested in participating in a domestic mission trip in the summer of 2016? If so, please join us after worship on December 11, 2016! At that meeting, our goal is to select a mission destination and date(s). Then, Pastor Steph will begin the process of recruitment and scheduling and fundraising. As of this writing, we are considering two American Baptist missions, which are listed below. (While we haven’t ruled out mission work in the southeastern US, right now there are many mission groups going there, so the need may be greater at some ongoing need sites.) Sites being considered are: Kodiak Baptist Mission in Kodiak, Alaska. ( This mission hou

My Christmas wish

She could have said “no,” you know. Mary could have said “no” when God approached her about having the baby Jesus. She was, after all, a poor unwed teenager, engaged in an arranged marriage, in a dangerous time and place. It is important for us to acknowledge, that Mary could have said “no.” Or, “let me talk with Joseph.” Or, “wait until I’m married.” Or, “ask my parents.” Instead, Mary said, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.” Whenever God calls us, we can always say “no.” When we submit to something God wants, the freedom we give up is the obsession to demand our own way. Oddly, this sets us free, for because it allows us to let go of all

The Message

In my office, I have a cd by an American Baptist singer named Kip Mickelson. On that cd is a song called Travellin. Some of the words are: And I’ve been travellin, travellin on. Seems like I’ve been travellin forever. Wonder when my travellin days are done, will I find home? Seems like I’ve been lookin for my home a long time. Every mile I make, every step I take, every friend I make, Seems like that’s where I’m supposed to be. But when the evening shadows come, and fall on me, I hear You whisper, “This is not your home...” So I’m travellin, travellin on. I keep my eyes upon the horizon. One day when my travellin days are done, I’ll find my Home. Seems like I’ve been lookin for my home a l

Kulea Childcare Villages

On November 13, we were blessed to enjoy four Board members and volunteers from Kulea Childcare Villages. Kulea, you may recall, was the African mission to which we sent Ben Salinas in the summer of 2016. Now, we have the opportunity to continue to participate in their work. Kulea Childcare Villages, Inc. has a mission of rescuing orphaned and vulnerable children and raising them to become future leaders in Kenya or Tanzania. Kulea cares for 17 children through our Sponsorship Program. We own 75 acres in Tanzania where we are building our first Kulea Childcare Village. In addition to these activities, we have 3 feeding programs running at our partner churches, feeding about 170 children ea

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