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Kulea Childcare Villages

On November 13, we were blessed to enjoy four Board members and volunteers from Kulea Childcare Villages. Kulea, you may recall, was the African mission to which we sent Ben Salinas in the summer of 2016. Now, we have the opportunity to continue to participate in their work.

Kulea Childcare Villages, Inc. has a mission of rescuing orphaned and vulnerable children and raising them to become future leaders in Kenya or Tanzania. Kulea cares for 17 children through our Sponsorship Program. We own 75 acres in Tanzania where we are building our first Kulea Childcare Village. In addition to these activities, we have 3 feeding programs running at our partner churches, feeding about 170 children each week.

On November 13, we were presented with some updates on their ministries. Several church members signed on to sponsor a child, and several more made generous donations. We will all be praying for them!

If you wish to support or learn more about Kulea, please check them out here:, or see Pastor Steph. Meanwhile, please join us in praying for the children of Kulea.

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