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In my office, I have a cd by an American Baptist singer named Kip Mickelson. On that cd is a song called Travellin. Some of the words are:

And I’ve been travellin, travellin on.

Seems like I’ve been travellin forever.

Wonder when my travellin days are done, will I find home?

Seems like I’ve been lookin for my home a long time.

Every mile I make, every step I take, every friend I make,

Seems like that’s where I’m supposed to be.

But when the evening shadows come, and fall on me, I hear You whisper,

“This is not your home...”

So I’m travellin, travellin on.

I keep my eyes upon the horizon.

One day when my travellin days are done, I’ll find my Home.

Seems like I’ve been lookin for my home a long time.

While this isn’t a Christmas song, perhaps it should be. While we sing songs about being “Home for Christmas,” the truth is that the first Christmas happened very far from home. Mary and Joseph were out of town, having had to travel far from home to Bethlehem, on a required visit to the IRS. They couldn’t even get a hotel room, so Jesus was born in the parking garage. After he was born, they had to flee to Egypt and lived on the run for about two years.

Was this God’s design? Did God plan for Jesus to not be home for Christmas?

I expect this was indeed God’s plan. Jesus wasn’t born in a palace or for a specific nation. Rather, Jesus was born “travellin.” He was born for all people. He was born not only for when we feel settled, but even more for when we are lost, insecure, journeying, lonely, or unsettled. Jesus was born knowing from birth what it feels like to be on the road, and he understands our feelings.

God understands that we don’t always know what is coming next in our lives. God provides a different kind of surety. God reminds us that no matter where or how we go, God is there. We can feel confident on all our journeys, for indeed it is true, “If we take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead us.” (Ps 139:9-10) This Christmas, may you receive the gift of that assurance.

On The Journey,

Pastor Steph

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