Traveling Reflections

Traveling Reflections by Pastor Steph July 29, 2020 For the past two days, I traveled to New Jersey and back for a family funeral. If you, like me, haven’t been out of the area in a while, let me fill you in on what’s happening beyond our little part of the world: There’s a lot less traffic on the roads. We almost never get over the Tappan Zee Bridge without traffic, but we breezed on through without stopping, both ways. It seems odd to see so many less cars on the highways. It made me wonder, where was everyone? The dystopian view is that everyone has died or is hiding in a bunker somewhere, terrified of all that is happening in our world. But, I’m not a particularly dystopian person. I thi

7/26/2020 Worship

Hi everyone! Here is today's worship service. A programming note: Next Sunday, August 2, we will be offering only online and mail service options. I'll be traveling out of state and will need to quarantine on the 2nd. Nothing to worry about - we just want to be certain of your safety. -Pastor Steph Now, on today's service: Sermon by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Salinas based on Genesis 32:22-32 Music by Jim Pelrine Tech by Peter, Steve, Jim, & Ned

Not alone

Friends… below is a short poem from poet Wilda Morris (of Chicago). In it, she reminds us that from our earliest age we learn that the way to excitement, delight, and true life is working together. What does this mean for us, as we still need to spend so much time NOT together? In truth, we as Christians are never truly alone. We believe in a God who is constantly Emmanuel, God With Us. And this God is the Creator of all things, which unites us, not only with all Christians, not only with all people, but with all creatures, great and small. May you be blessed with a knowledge that you are not in this alone this week! If you need to feel that unity more, call me or someone else in the churc

Outdoor Worship, 7/19/2020

Hi all. Here's today's socially distanced outdoor worship from First Baptist of Westwood, MA. We hope it is a blessing to you... 7/19/2020 Sermon: Not Gonna Change God’s Mind, by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Salinas Numbers 23:18a-20 2 Corinthians 1:12-20 Music: Steve Barrett Tech: Peter, Ned, Jim, & Steve

Family of God

Most evenings, my husband Ned and I take a walk in our neighborhood, and we are amazed at how many wild rabbits we see. I’m not sure if it is true, but it seems like there are many more wild rabbits this year than in past years. They are everywhere, and I love this! Meanwhile, a dear friend of ours recently did some painting for our family. One of the paintings she did was a picture of my immediate family as rabbits. In this painting you can see us, from left to right: Me, Ned, Ben, Stephen, Laura, & Samuel. Beautiful! Rabbits are everywhere + Rabbits are family. It seems this is a good message for us all today. Our “family” isn’t only those who share our bloodline, nor only those who live i

July 12 worship

Hi all. Here's the link for the worship service for July 12, 2020: Info: Sermon: Second Childhood Scriptures: Matt 18 and Luke 18 by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Salinas Music by Peter DeReyna Tech by Peter, Ned, Steve, & Jim Link:


Pursuit A mid-week reflection from Pastor Steph, for July 7, 2020 This photo is one of my favorites. It is from my son Ben’s high school cross country days. This was when Bangor High boys won the Mt. Blue Relays. Here are some things you should know: The runner in the dark blue was named Josh. He was one of the best runners in the state. He would go on to be the individual state champion that year. He was the anchor (final runner) for his relay team, because he could make up any distance and always win. The runner in the red is Ben, my son. Ben was also a very good runner, but had not had the success that Josh had. Being the anchor of the Bangor team, against Josh, was not something Ben expe

July 5 worship

Welcome to today's worship service. May you find blessings... Socially distanced worship Outdoors in the Baker Chapel, FBC Westwood, MA Sermon, Rev. Dr. Stephanie Salinas "Longing, Lounging, or Lurching" based on Psalm 42 Music by Jim Pelrine Tech by Peter, Steve, Jim, John, & Ned

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