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Proceeding up the driveway from High Street, the historic white clapboard meeting house appears at the top of the rise.  The Reception Room connects the Sanctuary to the Education Building and Fellowship Hall.  At the edge of the surrounding woods are an outdoor chapel, a fire ring area created by the church-sponsored Boy Scout Troop, and a large playground area used by the nursery and day care that occupy the classrooms during the week.  There is also access to walking trails in the town-owned woods.


At the front of the Sanctuary are the bell choir tables and baptistry on one side and the organ and choir loft on the other.  The adjoining Reception Room is a space for fellowship before and after worship and for occasional meetings.  A short corridor with a kitchenette leads to the Education Building and the pastor’s study, church office, and a conference room.  Turning from the office area, the hallway is lined with classrooms ending at the Music Room and Fellowship Hall, which has a full kitchen.  A path across the courtyard connects Fellowship Hall with the Reception Room.  The buildings are all air-conditioned and accessible.

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