devotions & reminder for 3/31/2020

Hi friends. 2 things: remember tonight we will try to hold our first conference call prayer meeting. You can join us as follows: · Tonight, March 31, at 6:45 pm. · If using a computer: Online meeting ID: pastor0148 Join the online meeting: · OR, with any phone, call (978) 990-5000. When prompted, key in access code 493475 followed by the # sign. · You’ll be asked to introduce yourself. Just say your name. If you prefer to not announce yourself, you’ll still be able to participate, but I won’t know you are there. · Please make sure there isn’t any background noise on your end. Turn off your tv, background music, do

Bread on the Water

Hello dear friends... Below are links to two videos. The first is this Sunday's sermon from the parsonage. The second is a song from the 1970's as performed by the group "The Imperials." Don't worry, there are more FBC WW musicians coming in future posts! As always, you are missed, you are prayed for, you are cherished. Your ongoing support of your church and each other, in all the ways I know you are doing and all the ways no one sees... God sees, and God adores you for it. Keep on being the church! Peace & Hope, Pastor Steph Rev. Dr. Stephanie Salinas Bread on the Water Sermon for FBC Westwood, 3/29/2020 Based on Ecclesiastes 11:1-10 Book referenced: Sleeping

3/26/2020 news & devos

March 26, 2020 Hi friends… Below is a devotion in video format. But first… a bit of news: Donna Metcalf will be sending out a newsletter after all. Deadline to submit items is March 30. Call her at home or office or email the church office ( if you want to contribute anything. She and I are rotating going into the office to check mail and messages, so donations, letters, etc are still being safely received and processed. Also, remember, anyone with a phone can join our conference call prayer meeting on Tuesday night, March 31, at 6:45pm. Here’s that info again: with any phone, call (978) 990-5000. When prompted, key in access code 493475 followed by the # sign. If usin

Courage in a Scary Time

Hello friends. It is good to “see” you here again. I continue to pray that you are all getting along ok in our new normal, and that you are somehow finding moments of joy, serenity, and courage. Today’s devotion is about Courage. Once again, we draw from the world of art. No doubt you have heard of the famous Statue of David, completed between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo. I had the opportunity to travel to Florence to see this statue when I was in college, and it is amazing. It is attached as a photo. Here’s something interesting. The statue was initially placed in Florence, then an independent city-state, so that David was fiercely glaring at Rome. David is strong, brave, ready to conquer

News from FBC WW

Hello friends… Here are today’s FBC updates. The devotional will be in a separate post. Welcome to those who are joining our ever-growing group receiving these messages either online or by mail. Church services are still on hold, to keep everyone as safe as possible. Technically, our next service is Easter Sunday, April 12. I’ll be in touch with you before then and we will watch whether or not that is deemed safe. For those following my schedule, I will NOT be on vacation April 19-25. We have postponed that family trip until August. So I’ll be here for you throughout April. There have been changes to what kind of homemade masks can be used by medical personnel. If you are sewing, please cont

For Sunday, 3/22/2020

Greetings, Friends and Members and Neighbors of First Baptist Church! Welcome to all who worship remotely with us this morning, and a special welcome to those joining us through the Westwood Bulletin Board. I trust you are well. First, a bit of business: Donna M., your church financial folk, and I are still checking in daily in the building, but we are still not keeping regular hours. Your donations, if you are able to continue them, are welcome more than ever at this time. You can mail them to the office (808 High Street, Westwood 02090), or use the yellow Donation box on the lower part of our website, This enables us to continue to meet our obligations. Thank

Picture This...

Hi friends! Today’s devotion is drawn from the world of art. Particularly, today’s devotion is drawn from a particular painting. It is called The Numbering At Bethlehem, and was painted in 1566 by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.[i] Here is the full painting: On first glance, this is an idyllic winter scene, set in 16th century Europe. But on closer glance, it is anything but peaceful. First, the large building in the background, which appears it may have once been a church or a castle, is very much in disrepair. Clearly, some kind of hard times fell on this community, and the building which looks like it had defined their downtown is now crumbling. One can’t help but think that’s symbolic of the

Do Not Fear... really, God??

Friends… Let’s be honest: It is natural to feel frightened. There are many valid reasons to be afraid right now. Throughout history, God has responded, “Do Not Fear, the Lord is With You.” But… how?? Included with this devotion (credited on the photo) is a picture listing many verses in the Bible about fear. Below, I have selected two. I picked these two because they remind us that it is humility that allows us not to fear. Humbly allowing ourselves to trust God releases at least some of our fear and anxiety. Here, then, are two scriptures. First the scripture as actually in the Bible, and second my own “Retranslation for March 2020.” Reflect, share, pray, release… above all, know you are l

look for the helpers

When times are difficult, Fred Rogers taught us to “Look for the helpers.” Just this week, I have looked for, and found, some wonderful helpers: The Broadway actress, now out of work because Broadway shows have closed, who dedicated her podcast to showcasing high school students whose Spring musicals were canceled. The unnamed staff and teachers who are finding ways to make sure students who depend on school breakfast and lunch remain fed. The travel planner who dedicated her social media feed to happy-place conversations, not because she doesn’t take this virus seriously, but because people need to smile. The pro bono lawyers working to assist international college students who find themsel

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