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CARE as a Family.

In a world where families are increasingly separated from one another and structures are ever-changing, First Baptist offers a place to find a family.  No matter who you are or who arrives with you, you will find yourself welcomed and remembered and included as part of the family.


At First Baptist Church of Westwood, we understand:


That people don’t look to churches in the same ways today,

            But that people still need to feel the presence of a God who never changes.


That God loves us unconditionally,

            And that we are called to love others.


That the message of the Gospel is one of hope,

            And through Jesus that hope is available to everyone.


That worship happens everywhere, all the time,

On Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon,

In music and in discussion.

In our church building and around our campfire,

Everywhere, All the Time.


We invite you to share with us, 

To be part of the family,

To learn and to teach,

To be refreshed as only God’s love can do!

The Covenant of the First Baptist Church of Westwood

Here in the presence of God and of each other, we profess our faith in God as our Father, in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, and in the Holy Spirit as our comforter and guide.

We believe that in the Bible are the truths of God which make inescapable demands upon our lives.

We hold to the right of each member to interpret the Bible and apply its principles to the conduct of life.

We believe it is our duty:
  To pray daily.
  To read the scriptures diligently, and to teach them faithfully to our children.
  To observe the ordinances of the Lord's Supper and Baptism.
  To seek by example and word to lead others to Christ.
  To help send the Gospel to the whole human family and to sustain the work and worship of   Christ's Church, recognizing that our time, talents, and resources are trusts from God.

We resolve to give ourselves to God's service and, therefore, we will endeavor to grow in Christ-likeness remembering that as we experienced baptism, so are we risen to a new and holy life.

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