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Family of God

Most evenings, my husband Ned and I take a walk in our neighborhood, and we are amazed at how many wild rabbits we see. I’m not sure if it is true, but it seems like there are many more wild rabbits this year than in past years. They are everywhere, and I love this!

Meanwhile, a dear friend of ours recently did some painting for our family. One of the paintings she did was a picture of my immediate family as rabbits. In this painting you can see us, from left to right: Me, Ned, Ben, Stephen, Laura, & Samuel. Beautiful!

Rabbits are everywhere + Rabbits are family. It seems this is a good message for us all today. Our “family” isn’t only those who share our bloodline, nor only those who live in the same building with us. Our family is the Family of God – a glorious, wild, and beautiful collection of colors and sizes. We are ALL part of God’s creation, and we are all important to God’s portrait for a beautiful world.

As you walk around your neighborhood, may you be blessed by all the “family” you see: those you know and those you don’t, 2-legged and 4-legged, big and small. May you see yourself as a cherished member of the Family of God as well. Amen.

Your Sister,

Pastor Steph

(July 14, 2020, Westwood, MA)

*Painting by Diane Paul, Maple Shade, New Jersey, 2020.

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