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Memorial Day

This week, I'm starting off with sharing the Town of Westwood virtual Memorial Day ceremony. Yours truly is featured giving the innovation near the beginning of the service (although Westwood Media incorrectly listed me as the pastor of First Parish!). Near the end of the service is a beautiful bit of music played by Jan Randlett, with photography by Kayla Dolley, which isn't credited on the video.

Please enjoy:

Also, please remember that we will again hold a prayer and communion via GoTo Meeting on Thursday evening at 7:20pm. Same sign on information - contact me if you need it.

Looking ahead, from Thursday, May 28 through Thursday, June 4, I'm doing a short series called "Myth Busters - Pastor in the Parsonage Edition!" Be sure to "tune in!"

Grace and Peace to you all,

Pastor Steph

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