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Not That Special

You’re not that special. One would think it would be bad news. One would think it would not be the kind of thing you’d want to hear from your pastor. In truth, many times when I’ve told someone they were not that special, they were less than thrilled. And yet it is true—we aren’t. We are each a tiny being on a huge planet, in the midst of a huge universe, in the midst of something far more huge than we will ever understand. We are just not that huge. Perhaps Cool King Chris said it best:

Yet I maintain—this is AWESOME news!!!

Awesome news, because when I think I am that special, I put terrible burdens on myself and always end up disappointed in myself.

Awesome news, because when the world revolves around me, I just end up tired and dizzy.

Awesome news, because when I try to carry everything like I alone can fix it, I end up exhausted.

God gives us a better way. God tells us, “You’re not that special, and yet I made you extraordinary.” God looks at us and knows that each of us is imperfect, weak, and in need. And God doesn’t see that as a problem, but rather as an invitation! And God accepts that invitation, and fills our needs with God’s perfection… for God IS that special, and more.

The next time you feel like you can’t carry everything you must carry, consider that maybe you’re carrying more than you were meant to hold.

The next time you feel like no one appreciates you, remember God loves you enough to die for you.

The next time you feel you’re not that special, thank God! For when we can set aside our own human-made specialness, we have space to take hold of what God offers.

It’s better. I promise.

Especially yours,

Pastor Steph

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