Delight. On a Tuesday.

As I write this, we here in the Westwood, MA area are currently in the middle of 11-out-of-14-days-of-rain. Easter has passed. My schedule is still full. The news holds yet more arguments, shootings, and pain. A girl could get pretty depressed, tbh. And yet, today outside my office, I saw this plant. It is mostly dead, or it appears to be mostly dead. Yet there are a few small leaves and a few new branches growing. Out of the brown and the dull there emerges a green new shoot of life. Now, if you know me, you know that I did not do anything to cause this plant to grow. I kill plants. Once, a co-coworker left her plant in my office while she went on vacation, and it began to die within hours,

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Office hours - by appointment only.

All buildings are handicapped accessible

and there is ample parking

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808 High Street

Westwood, MA 02090


After office hours:

Please note: St. Pauly has closed our clothing shed temporarily due

to COVID19. 



 Family Worship

Service at 10:45am.


See blog post of 6/22

for details.