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plans for the Fall??

I saw a meme recently which said:

“What are your plans for the fall?”

Humm… It took me a moment to realize this question was about autumn and not the fall of civilization.

Certainly that’s a bit extreme, which is why it is funny. However, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like life in general these days is, well, “fallen.”

How does one find hope when one is fallen, or falling, or afraid of the fall? Where does one get encouragement and hope these days? There are many good things around us, but it is often the case that the negative is louder than the positive.

Yet the whispered word is also often the most powerful. In the Bible in the book of 1st Kings, the prophet Elijah is worn out and fed up. He just wants encouragement. There are earthquakes and windstorms and fires, but he doesn’t find God in any of those. Rather, God speaks to him in “a still, small voice” and that changes everything.

Where have you heard the “still, small voice” in your life? The voice is there and ready to encourage all of us – we just need to listen! This fall, you’re invited to listen with us in person or online, and we will be listening with you wherever you go.

Ears Open,

Pastor Steph


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