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Volunteers Needed!

Hi friends. I (Pastor Steph) am wondering if anyone would be interested in helping with a mission/fundraising project. Since we didn’t have a Holly Fair in 2020, I’m probably not the only one with things to donate to be sold – both “gently used” and “handmade.” I was thinking that perhaps we could sell those things online and make some money for the church and/or for missions.

I’m thinking we can somehow advertise the items online, they can sell online, then we can take care of making sure the payment is received and the items get to the buyers. This isn’t for smaller yard-sale type items but for more substantial items and crafted items.

First, I need volunteers. We will only do this if we have folks who are willing and able to volunteer – especially for the receiving and distribution of the items. I need volunteers to help with the following:

· Monitoring the online sales.

· Handling the finances.

· Receiving items and distributing or delivering them.

We will also need to decide where the money we earn will go. My initial thought is that half goes to feeding ministries in our area and half goes to the food pantry at Kodiak Baptist Mission (since we didn’t get to go on a mission trip there as planned). However, I’m certainly open to other mission ideas, and/or to having some of the money go to the church.

But again, right now, I’m just calling on people to volunteer. When/If we have a team, then we’ll proceed with details. Please DO NOT DROP OFF ITEMS AT THE CHURCH until we know we will have volunteers and this mission will proceed.

Thanks for considering!! Be well…

-Pastor Steph


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