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covid restriction changes

Lifting Restrictions @ FBC Westwood

Hi all.

Church Council and Staff met last night, and in response to updated state regulations and guidelines, we are offering the following changes in our restrictions. You will see that we are proceeding in stages, trying to make as many people comfortable as we can. Unless there are new guidelines from the state, these changes are in place:

Education and office wing: At this time, the state of Massachusetts requires that masks still be used by all people at all indoor school and daycare activities. For this reason, anyone entering the school and office wing of the building at any time when school children or staff are present must wear a mask. (Church office staff continues to work both from home and in the office. Call the staff member you need before coming to the office to arrange an appointment.)

Sunday in-person worship:

· Outdoors as much as possible. In fellowship hall if weather is poor.

· May 23 and 30 – masks still required.

· Month of June – masks optional. (Those not vaccinated or who have other concerns are encouraged to mask.)

· Month of July – masks optional, and congregational singing will resume.

Videos of worship will continue to be shared via all-church email, on our website blog, and on Facebook®. At this time, text of the pastor’s sermon will continue to be shared via US Mail for those without internet access.

Prayer and communion with Pastor Steph continues Thursdays at 7:20pm via GotoMeeting until 6/10/21.


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