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sheltering in place with God

Tuesday afternoon, August 4, 2020, Westwood, Massachusetts…

Well, this is certainly odd. I was chatting with Chester, and he told me we were currently under a tornado watch. Oh, that Chester, I thought. That can’t be right. And yet, it was correct. We ARE currently under a tornado watch here, as Isaias (hitting Puerto Rico in this picture) heads north. Crazy!! Of course, 2020 has been crazy, so storms that seem out of place should not be surprising.

How does one handle the unexpected storms of life? They’re all around us, really. Not just the atmospheric ones, but all the storms 2020 has brought… how are you handling all the health and economic and political crises? It can leave one with so many questions!

The answers to those questions are two-fold:

  • First, do the smart things science tells you to do: Wear a mask. Social distance. Wash your hands. And, if needed, go to the central lower part of your home.

  • Second, know that whatever the storm, we do not face it alone. The God who created our minds to know the smart things to do also goes with us however we face those storms.

Nahum 1:7 (from The Message) says, “God is good, a hiding place in tough times. He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, no matter how desperate the trouble.”

God recognizes us, even in the midst of a storm. That’s pretty comforting. No matter how we look, how our environment looks, God sees us. May being seen give you comfort this day and always!


Pastor Steph

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