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Not alone

Friends… below is a short poem from poet Wilda Morris (of Chicago). In it, she reminds us that from our earliest age we learn that the way to excitement, delight, and true life is working together. What does this mean for us, as we still need to spend so much time NOT together?

In truth, we as Christians are never truly alone. We believe in a God who is constantly Emmanuel, God With Us. And this God is the Creator of all things, which unites us, not only with all Christians, not only with all people, but with all creatures, great and small.

May you be blessed with a knowledge that you are not in this alone this week! If you need to feel that unity more, call me or someone else in the church. For we remain The Church, united. Amen.

-Pastor Steph

Longfellow School Playground[1] by Wilda Morris I Teeter totters require two children, a pair of pumping legs at each end, one child rising while the other descends, then changing roles, an early lesson in partnership and who can be trusted not to slip off the seat, dropping you with a hard plump to the hard ground. II Grasping a metal bar, we ran in circles, propelling the merry-go-round faster and faster. We jumped on, hearts racing, hair blowing, dizzy with exhilaration, all that movement taking us nowhere but deeper into a shared momen

[1] Wilda Morris. Quill & Parchment Productions. 2001-2020.

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