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Music & Mission Moment

Hi friends! Today you’ll receive 2 messages from me. This 1st contains music and a mission moment.

-Pastor Steph

Music Moment:

Peace Like a River[i] played by Jan Randlett:

Mission Moment:

News from Kit Ripley,

New Life Center, Thailand

How is the New Life Center faring during the global health crisis?

Many of you have contacted us to inquire as to how the COVID-19 global health crisis is affecting our work. The first case of coronavirus occurred in Thailand in mid-January, but we did not become aware of the need for social distancing until the end of February and travel restrictions were first implemented on March 5. This took place concurrently with the end of the Thai school year. So after our graduation ceremonies on February 29, most of our residents went out to rural villages to stay with family or friends for the summer holidays in March and April. The staff have been in contact with them via phone and social media. As far as we know, all of our students and their families are safe and healthy. As tribal people, they have plenty of experience with living off the land. They are able to eat products from their own gardens, farms, rice paddies, and livestock pens, and they know how to forage in the forest. If I ever had to appear on the TV show, “Survivor” I’d want to have a tribal person with me because they have been survivors for centuries! A small group of residents who did not have a safe place to go during the summer break are still living at the New Life Center residence in Chiang Mai with residential staff. Other NLCF staff have been asked to work remotely from their homes until the pandemic subsides. Staff and students will stay where they are until the government gives permission for schools to re-open.

The New Life Center and I would like to extend our sincere love and prayers for God’s protection and provision for you and your family during this turbulent time.


[i] Peace Like a River. African-American Spiritual. Public Domain. Played by Jan Randlett, 2020.

[ii] Kit Ripley. accessed 4/8/2020.

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