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Gratitude Devotion & Invitation

Friends... Join me, this day, on a gratitude walk. Yes, GRATITUDE.

And know I am grateful for every one of you.

With Hope,

Pastor Steph

Gratitude Walk Video:


Also: for Maundy Thursday… a phone conference communion and prayer time. Thursday, 4/9/2020, 7:20pm.

We held our first conference call prayer meeting on Tuesday 3/31, and it went rather well. It was so good to hear one another! So, we’re going to try it again… This time WITH COMMUNION!

You are invited to join us for a Maundy Thursday Communion and Prayer Time. Here are details:

· Thursday, April 9, at 7:20 pm.

· If using a computer: Online meeting ID: pastor0148 Join the online meeting:

· OR, with any phone, call (978) 990-5000. When prompted, key in access code 493475 followed by the # sign.

· We will be sharing communion together. Please have a bit of bread or cracker and some kind of beverage for each person participating in your home. It really doesn’t matter what you use. We as Baptists believe that the bread and juice are SYMBOLS of the body and blood of Christ, so truly anything can be that symbol. Use whatever you have. Please have it available before you call in, and Pastor Steph will walk us through everything.

· As before, please make sure there isn’t any background noise on your end and be patient with any lag time as we talk together. Join us, and feel free to invite others who would like to participate.

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