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Bread on the Water

Hello dear friends...

Below are links to two videos. The first is this Sunday's sermon from the parsonage. The second is a song from the 1970's as performed by the group "The Imperials." Don't worry, there are more FBC WW musicians coming in future posts!

As always, you are missed, you are prayed for, you are cherished. Your ongoing support of your church and each other, in all the ways I know you are doing and all the ways no one sees... God sees, and God adores you for it.

Keep on being the church!

Peace & Hope,

Pastor Steph

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Salinas

Bread on the Water

Sermon for FBC Westwood, 3/29/2020

Based on Ecclesiastes 11:1-10

Book referenced: Sleeping With Bread by Dennis, Sheila Fabricant, and Matthew Linn

Bread Upon the Water

Performed by The Imperials in 1977

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