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Hello friends…

Here are today’s FBC updates. The devotional will be in a separate post. Welcome to those who are joining our ever-growing group receiving these messages either online or by mail.

  • Church services are still on hold, to keep everyone as safe as possible. Technically, our next service is Easter Sunday, April 12. I’ll be in touch with you before then and we will watch whether or not that is deemed safe.

  • For those following my schedule, I will NOT be on vacation April 19-25. We have postponed that family trip until August. So I’ll be here for you throughout April.

  • There have been changes to what kind of homemade masks can be used by medical personnel. If you are sewing, please contact Noreen Valentine first for details.

  • Easter Flowers: We’re not placing an order now. We will place an order and have a big Easter-Whenever-Back-Together service… when we feel it is safe. However, you may send in your flower orders whenever you wish. Please make checks payable to First Baptist Church and note the following:

  • Tulip/small flower: $6.00 each OR Lily/large flower: $8.00 each.

  • Dedication in Honor of, Memory of, or Thanks for.

  • Whether or not you will take your flower after worship.

  • As always, thank you for remembering your donations, mailed in or online through our website,

Prayer Meeting March 31:

We will be trying out a prayer meeting open to anyone with a phone (no internet required). My “virtual team” and I tried it out this morning and it worked pretty well. So, as long as you have a phone, you’ll be able to hear other church voices and have us hear you. Here are details:

· Tuesday, March 31 (a week from today) at 6:45 pm.

· If using a computer: Online meeting ID: pastor0148 Join the online meeting:

· OR, with any phone, call (978) 990-5000. When prompted, key in access code 493475 followed by the # sign.

· You’ll be asked to introduce yourself. Just say your name. If you prefer to not announce yourself, you’ll still be able to participate, but I won’t know you are there.

· Please make sure there isn’t any background noise on your end. Turn off your tv, background music, dogs 😊, etc.

· There will be some lag time, so be patient as we try to not talk over each other.

· We will share prayer concerns, I’ll have a brief scripture, and then we’ll pray together.

Continue to reach out by phone and mail to our elders and shut-ins. Wash your hands. Pray. Keep your distance physically yet know you are loved tenderly.

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