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If a Tree Falls...

If a tree falls in the woods and there’s a building full of people to hear it, does the power still go out? Indeed, yes. Long story short: a big tree went down at FBC Westwood on Monday, and we have been without power, phone, internet ever since. We’re working on it (currently waiting our turn with the tree and wire people) but in the meantime, I am reflecting on the far-reaching consequences of being without power.

Certainly our consequences are nothing compared to those in Puerto Rico and the Islands. Still, being without electricity for us means: Nursery and Children’s Schools are closed, so the parents that depend on them for daycare have had to make other plans; no weekly church programming; no bulletins being prepared; no phone calls being received; and if it gets much colder we may even have broken pipes!

There are indeed far-reaching consequences to being without electrical power.

But hear the good news! We have all the Power we truly need. The Power of God’s Holy Spirit will never go out, and never leave us. It is a Power that cannot be replaced by a flashlight, and it is a Power that is always, always with us.

We live in a world that can be pretty dark sometimes, my friends. But you—you have something more eagerly awaited than the tree and wire repair people! You hold the Power of God’s love in your own hearts. Share it. Shine it. Be the Light for those who wait.

With you, in darkness and in Light,

Pastor Steph

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