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All Nature Sings

All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres. (hymn # 21)

The window next to my office desk often has visitors. Two small birds come regularly to peek into the window, intrigued by some decorations that I have hanging there. I’ve named them Bert & Corrie, after my late in-laws. They learned quickly how to peek inside the windows without flying into the glass, and they show up often to see how I’m doing.

Bert & Corrie are not the only adorable creatures near my desk. Down the hall, the children’s school has two guinea pigs, named Gus & Blaze. They have big cages and often are let out to play on the rugs with the children. The kids love them and feed them and talk to them.

Gus & Blaze and Bert & Corrie are adorable. They make my life better than it would be without them. In truth, they get almost nothing from me. I did buy Gus & Blaze some small toys, but I’m not the one in charge of guinea pig care. I don’t feed the birds. I don’t give much more than adoration to them, but they give me pure delight, a smile on a rough day, a giggle when I need it, and a sense of goodness in the world.

These little animals represent God to me. God provides me with delight, with a world more glorious than anything I could create, and with joy. God gives me life, and goals, and energy. God gives me a sense of goodness.

God gives all these things, even when I give nothing in return. God doesn’t require me to earn the goodness in the world. God simply gives, and allows me to adore God in response. I am not the one who has made all the wonders in creation, and yet they are all there for me to enjoy.

Yes, there are problems in the world. I’m not naïve and I’m not blind to them. But this Spring, I’m also reminded that God’s world is, still, beautiful. Every plant, every creature, and every person. Here as a gift from God. Let us live then, in Holy Delight.

Delighted in God,

Pastor Steph

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