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Snow Day Reflection

Friends… on this snow day, I am reading a book that has been on my office shelves for a while. I kept meaning to read it, but you know, busy and all… so now, I wanted to share this insight:

Recently, I’ve been visiting with people and a common theme has been an underlying fear. Fear about pretty much everything they see in the news lately. No matter what the political opinions, they were united in feeling more than unsettled. I get it. I have usually responded with a sort of “God is with us” kind of statement. True, but it seemed to fall flat. Oh, no one ever TOLD me it fell flat—you are all far too polite for that—but I felt it.

Today, I read this from theologian William H. Willimon: “If you call on God, God will be there, and it will frighten the hell out of you.”

Wow. Perhaps I was trying too hard to make fear go away, instead of admitting that fear is real. Perhaps the things we fear (pain, evil) aren’t going to be overcome by platitudes, but only with the awesome power of a God in control. Perhaps GOD is the one in control, and awaits our cry for help. Perhaps I should LISTEN after calling on God, frightening as that might be. Ya think?!?!?

My friends… today I certainly wish you all warmth and safety in this storm. But I also wish you just a touch of the “fear of God,” for in that, you will know you are truly alive. You will know that the Power that LOVES YOU is the greatest of all, and will never fall flat!!

See ya Sunday,

Pastor Steph

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