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First Baptist Church Shutter Project


Last summer, the First Baptist Church of Westwood replaced the aging wooden shutters on its historic meetinghouse.  Rather than throwing away the shutters that were still intact, the church invited artists to take a shutter and decorate it in any manner they chose. 

These decorated shutters, pictured below, will be auctioned off in a silent auction during the month of October. Bidding opens at 12:01 am on October 1, and closes at 11:59 pm on October 31. People can submit their bid(s) through the bidding form. Bids will be updated no less than once a day.

After the bidding closes on October 31, the shutters will be awarded to the highest bidders.  The proceeds for each shutter will be distributed with half of the highest bid going to the charity chosen by the artist and half going to the charity selected by First Baptist, The Greater Boston Food Bank.  In early November, once payment has been received from the winning bidders, the church will arrange for them to pick up their shutters and will publicize the outcome of this event.

If you wish to make a donation to one of the charities, but don't want to make a bid, please mail your donation to the church, indicating the charity on the memo line. Click on a charity name to learn more about the work of the charity.

For further information about the shutter project, please contact the church office at 781-461-1730 or via email at

Bidding has now closed. Thank you for participating in our shutter project. High bidders will be notified by email on Sunday, November 1

01 Tricia McMahon.jpg
Artist: Tricia McMahon of Westwood
Final Bid:  $150 by Kevin of Westwood
02 Frances Feloni.jpg
Artist: Frances Feloni of Westwood
Final Bid:  $55 by Cindy of Medfield
03 Frances Feloni.jpg
Artist: Frances Feloni of Westwood
Final Bid: $65 by Russ of Shelburne Falls
4 Frances Feloni.jpg
Artist: Frances Feloni of Westwood
Final Bid:  $100 by Susan of Wrentham
05 Carol Ahearn.jpg
Artist: Carol Ahearn of Westwood
Final Bid:  $110 by Vickie of Westwood
06 Carol Ahearn.jpg
Artist: Carol Ahearn of Westwood
Final Bid: $85 by Donna of Millis
07 Diya Gopal.jpg
Artist: Diya Gopal of Westwood
Final Bid: $150 by June of Westwood
08 Cindy Prevett.jpg
Artist: Cindy Prevett of Medfield
09 Debra Schneiders.jpg
Artist: Debra Schneiders of Westwood
Final Bid:  $250 by Rosalie of Westwood
Final Bid:  $125 by June of Westwood
10 Brenda April.jpg
Artist: Brenda April of Westwood
Final Bid:  $200 by Christine of Canton
11 Sarah McMahon.jpeg


Artist: Sarah McMahon of Westwood
Final Bid:  $50 by Patrice of Westwood
12 Elena Ferrara.jpg
Artists: Elena & Andrew Ferrara of Westwood
Final Bid:  $75 by Donna of Millis
13 Susie Masters.jpg
Artist: Susie Masters of Medfield
Final Bid: $50 by Sandra of Westwood
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