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Meet the Artists

CAROL AHEARN (shutters #5 and #6)

Carol grew up and resides in Westwood. She learned to love art as a student at Westwood High School. In 2015, she founded the Westwood Artists with four other Westwood artists.

Carol has a watercolor painting on display at Dana Farber and painted a mural at the First Baptist Church of Westwood. Her artwork is for sale at Decor and More, Dedham Exchange, and Westwood Artists events.

She chose the Medfield Animal Shelter where her dog came from, and Spaulding Rehab for the care given to family members.

FRANCES FELONI (shutters #2, #3, and #4)

Francis began painting ten years ago at the age of 70. She carried her love of fairies and fantasies into her shutters with seahorses and mermaids.

She is a member of Dedham, Norwood, and Westwood Artist Associations, participates in art shows, and has been recognized for her work in oils and watercolors.

Frances has taught art at the COA in Dedham, the Norfolk Library,  and the Westwood Library.

She chose the Pine Street Inn as they have been feeding and sheltering the homeless for over 50 years and placed many in jobs and homes.

BRENDA APRIL (shutter #10)

Brenda grew up in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, and has lived in Westwood for almost 20 years. She creates through pencil sketching, pen and ink drawing, acrylic painting on canvas, walls, and furniture.

She uses art as a form of meditation and her latest style is a form of zen drawing. She uses pen on paper to create very intricate patterns.

Brenda's shutter was inspired by the emotional drain and anxiety she has been feeling during the pandemic and desire to be free again.  The flowers are reaching beyond constraints, flying away to freedom.

She chose the Alzheimer's Association in support of her father.

ELENA FERRARA (shutter #12)

Elena lives in Westwood and attends the ninth grade in New Hampshire. She loves creating all sorts of artwork and aspires to be a professional artist, putting her woodworking pieces, handmade jewelry, and sculptures in an artist cooperative some day. 

She was excited when her dad, ANDREW, told her about this project and, with a little help from him, created a patriotic themed shutter.

Elena chose the Autism Alliance of Metrowest in support of a family member with autism.

DIYA GOPAL (shutter #7)

Diya is a senior at Westwood High School. She has always loved art, especially painting, and has taken art classes all four years of high school. She is currently enrolled in AP Studio Art.

The theme for her shutter shows her love of butterflies and flowers. She chose to do some bright, eye-catching colors as they are more fun to paint with.

Diya chose the American Civil Liberties Union as it is a cause that is really important to her family

SUSIE MASTERS (shutter #13)

Susie has always had a passion for art and enjoys bringing old items back to life. She uses everything from paint to chalk to liven up pieces of wood or old chalkboards. Painting an old shutter fits right in with her interests.

Flowers, especially daisies, are one of her favorites so she wanted to share some brightness with her shutter design.

Susie chose Greenpeace as the environment is very important.

SARAH MCMAHON (shutter #11)

Sarah is majoring in Social Work and minoring in art in college. She hopes to practice as an art therapist. Creating art is her favorite thing to do.

The inspiration for her shutter came from Suicide Prevention and Awareness month. The stretched out hands represent both those reaching for help, and those reaching out to help.

Sarah chose The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as it is very near and dear to her heart.

CYNTHIA PREVETT (shutter #8)

Cynthia is an experienced artist who lives in Medfield. She paints in acrylics, draws pet portraits, and knits.

She maintains a Facebook page called ABC Art by Cindy.

Cindy chose the Animal Protection Center of Southern Massachusetts in Brockton where she rescued her guinea pig.

TRICIA MCMAHON (shutter#1)

Tricia is a professional graphic designer and enjoys painting and collage in her free time. 

The theme of her painting was inspired by joy and heartache, growth and transformation, hope and love.

Tricia chose Journey Forward because they are dedicated to bettering the lives of people affected by spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.


Debra is a preschool teacher and enjoys painting as a hobby. She has painted murals and theater sets for local schools, children's furniture, and enjoys antiquing and repurposing furniture.

The inspiration for her shutter came from the passing of her daughter's dear friend.

Debra chose Journey Forward.

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