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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

Some years ago, there was a school and office supply store that ran August and September commercials using that Christmas song. The ad showed parents rejoicing that the kids were going back to school, while the kids sulked. Perhaps that ad had it wrong, for returning to learning is truly one of the greatest joys there is—and I’m not just saying this as a parent!

We were created to learn. All of creation is created this way, in fact. In my office I have a small plant sitting near my window. It grows continually towards the window’s sunlight. It has learned where the sunlight is. If I turn the plant, it will begin to lean back towards the window, for it knows where to turn. It learns.

If a plant can learn how to lean towards that which feeds it, then so can we! No matter what our age, our academic prowess, our grade level—we can all learn to lean towards the Light which feeds us. We can learn to reach towards God’s grace and mercy and to accept it for ourselves. We can learn to accept God’s unconditional love and grant it to others. We can learn to love and be loved, by leaning to the source of that love, God.

This September, no matter what your age, I pray you learn more than you know about God’s unconditional love.

In Study,

Pastor Steph

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